Who we are

PETROMIRALLES is an independent oil company owned by the Torrens-Ferrer brothers. The history of the company goes back to a small service station founded in 1967 by their parents  in the town of Santa Maria de Miralles at the junction of roads C-37, B-220 and BP-2121.

Who we are

In 1995 Petromiralles S.L. started its activity as an oil distributor, as well as a service station enterprise.  The constant growth since then has led to the establishment of PETROMIRALLES3 S.L. as a wholesale dealer in 2002.

New projects have created the need to set new goals, resulting in new companies being established and subsequently united into a Holding – the PETROMIRALLES GROUP, S.L. –  in 2010 in order to operate more efficiently.

The management of the Holding is in the hands of the Torrens Ferrer brothers: Josep Maria Torrens Ferrer acting as General Director and Pere Torrens as Director of the Logistics Department.

Who we are

Presently the Holding consists of the following companies:

     PETROMIRALLES, S.L. Petrol stations. Retail marketing. Fuel cards.

     PETROMIRALLES3, S.L. Licensed petroleum operator. Wholesale distribution.


     PETERSUN, S.L. Photovoltaic solar energy. Petrol station store management.

     PETROMIRALLES PORT, S.L. Processing of customs and tax formalities.

     NEW PETROMIRALLES, S.L. Real estate management.

     WILLOIL TRADING, A.G. International trade.

Besides the Holding, the following companies are directly or indirectly related to the Group’s activities:

     MIRALLES TRES, S.L. Machinery rental and sales.

     GRUP MIRALLES, C.B. Agricultural and forestry projects.

     AGROGEBA, S.A.R.L. Agricultural activities in Guinea Bissau.