Electronic invoice

Along with the improvements in our online customer access area, we now introduce electronic invoicing. This new type of invoice will be sent to our customers by email and/or can be downloaded in the online Customer Area of our website, where besides the invoices other information like fuel consumption etc. can be verified.

The advantage of the electronic invoice is that it has the same validity as the traditional paper invoice and is even more secure due to a digitally certified signature authenticated by the Spanish tax administration (AEAT). This means that the authenticity and legality of the electronic invoice are guaranteed.   

With the introduction of the electronic invoice you will no longer receive your invoice by regular mail. If you do not want to receive your invoice electronically then please let us know by calling us at +34 938076902 or through the section Invoice in the Customer Area on the Petromiralles website.  

If you have questions about the electronic invoice, please contact us (+34 938076902) or visit the web page provided by the Ministry of Industry for this purpose (www.facturae.es).   



1. What is an electronic invoice?

An e-invoice is sent electronically and contains the same data as a paper invoice. The authenticity of the sender and the integrity of its data contents are guaranteed.  

When requesting the activation of the electronic invoice, you will not receive paper invoices in the post.  

2. What are the advantages of the electronic invoice?

  • Immediate availability of your invoices through the option “Invoice” in the Customer Area at www.petromiralles.com.

  • You can verify your fuelings of the current month.

  • You will be notified about the availability of your electronic invoice by email.

  • Your invoice will be secure, since its digital signature is authorized by the Spanish tax administration (AEAT).    

  • At any time, you can request a paper copy of your invoice to be sent to you by regular mail.

3. How can I verify my invoice?

You can check your invoice through the section Invoice in your Customer Area at www.petromiralles.com. There you can display, download and print your invoice on your computer.

4. What is the section Invoice in the Customer Area at the Petromiralles website?  

The section Invoice on the website is the place where you can view, print or download your electronic invoices. This section can be found in your Customer Area at www.petromiralles.com.   

In order to access your Customer Area you must be registered. If you are not registered you can do so by entering the section Customer Area at www.petromiralles.com.  (https://pws1.petromiralles.com/exwapp/index)

5. How do I know that a new invoice was issued?  

Each time a new invoice is issued, you will receive an email indicating the invoice number and the amount.  

Attached to the email you will receive a copy of the invoice in PDF and a direct access link to your Customer Area. 

6. How long will I be able to check my invoices?  

You can check all your invoices that were generated after 2010 at any time.   

7. Can I cancel the electronic invoice and receive a paper invoice again?  

You can choose not to receive the electronic invoice and go back to paper invoices whenever you wish.

You can do this by logging in to your Customer Account and going to the section Invoice or calling to +34 938076902  

Even if you cancel the electronic invoice registration, you will still be able to view and download the electronic invoice at the Customer Area.  

8. Can I receive a paper duplicate of my invoice?   

Yes, you can request a paper copy of any of your electronic invoices writing an email to factura.electronica@petromiralles.com, indicating the invoice number. You will then receive your paper invoice by regular mail.