Single device


A state of the art toll system for most European toll roads.

One singe device, improving fleet management and control.

France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Poland (A4 – Stalexport),
Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
Additional countries soon available: Czech Republic, Poland (Viatoll network)
Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Switzerland.

Reduce Expenses:
- Direct discounts from the toll road concessionaire to you.
- Spanish toll roads exempt from VAT for customers with Spanish scal ID.
- No deposit needed

An administrative support toll for your company:
- Biweekly invoicing, with separate invoices for each country for VAT-return.
- Online control of your consumptions for your security through our website..

Personalized setup for vehicles and countries:
- Easy installation, no technical assistance needed.
- You can order the device at our website.
- With OTA technology (OVER THE AIR). You can make the following modications
without having to change the device:
- Associate license plate numbers.
- Activate or block countries.
- Update software or toll-networks.

Geolocation system:
Optional system for eet management and geolocation. (*)


- Activation: 15€
- Rental cost: 3,90€/device/month

- For consumptions in Austria: 0,50€/vehicle.
- For consumptions in Germany: 2€/vehicle.

Charges in the event of non-return (loss or theft) or return of defective
device: 150€
(*) Geolocation service: 7,50€/device.



Telepass all devices.pdf