Move throughout Europe efficiently and carefree with one single toll device.  

Are you tired of having to stop at toll booths over and over, collecting toll receipts? Then why not travel the main European highways without having to stop even once at a toll plaza?   

Are you still using more than one toll box, because you are passing through different countries? With our one single toll box for the whole of Europe this is no longer necessary. We can offer you the one toll box that fits all your needs.  

With our toll devices you will avoid complicated paperwork.  We take care of it all, so you don’t have to worry about anything: the entire process through one supplier and one intermediary.     

Our devices allow for real-time geolocation of your trucks. This simplifies fleet management and enables positioning of the vehicle, for example in case of theft.

Are you going to renew your fleet or change routes?  Don’t worry about your toll devices, we adjust them online, without you having to replace them.   

If you have questions about our devices, please contact us for more information and convince yourself about all the advantages of this toll solution.  


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